Access the Target!

K & I teams with an associate firm, Strike Rescue, to provide Alpine Mobility Skills. Let us train your team to move on Rock, Snow & Ice with IFMGA-Certified guides.

Strike Rescue’s lead guide is a multi-year competitor on UIAA World Cup Ice Climbing, an AIARE Level 2 Instructor, and has a doctorate degree in sports physiology. Strike Rescue provides rope access and mountaineering training to university and military customers.

K & I’s lead trainer is an avid ski mountaineering racer and mountain rescue technician. He has multiple finish positions in the Elk Mountain Grand Traverse, a 40-mile unsupported ski mountaineering race, and numerous COSMIC series races. He continues to coach a US Ski Mountaineering Team athlete at the World Cup level, and performed as the lead Ski Tech for the US Team at the 2017 ISMF World Championships.
To Strike Rescue’s skill set, K & I adds tactical military expertise, advanced land navigation, ski mountaineering race experience, logistics support and land access. Together we have a wealth of experience in: practical endurance nutrition, ski technology, mountaineering techniques and equipment, and snowpack analysis.

We combine mobility skills training with medical training and long-range shooting in scenario-based exercises on a variety of terrain to meet your team’s training requirements. From backgrounds in clandestine military operations, ski mountaineering racing, ice climbing competition, and commercial guiding, we train teams how to move quickly over winter terrain. We have partnership agreements with large private properties for training areas. We can provide this training domestically and internationally with experience in North and South America and Europe.

If you just need instruction or equipment kits, we highly recommend you contact Strike Rescue. If you need tactical scenario training on our property, please contact K & I. Let us teach your team how to move faster and farther in Winter Alpine conditions.